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Korea Street Style Outfit Seoul Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2019 서울 패션위크 스트릿 패션

Street Style Seoul Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2019 day5

서울 패션위크 스트릿 영상 마지막 입니다.

재밌게 보시고 구독과 좋아요 부탁 드릴게요 ㅎㅎ

KPenn : 브금이 안타깝다 ㅠㅠ
m world : 아주 좋은
Khairani Rani : Pakaian nya bagus tapi sayang wajah tidak mendukung
Tracey Williams : So nice!
키미아Kimia : 와 멋지다!!

일본 도쿄 스트릿 패션 스타일 Tokyo Street style fashion outfit Japan 2019

Tokyo Street style fashion

2019 도쿄 길거리 스냅 영상 입니다.

재밌게 보셨으면 구독과 좋아요 부탁 드려요 ^ ^

【毎日投稿】Leomasa Walking Traveler【Japan Travel Guide】 : It's a video as if you were there!
I will do my best to post videos of walking around town.
Let's take care of each other and post good videos!
Quân Trần : Japan no 1
전형익 : 1:08 개간지
최경준 : 일본 여러 도시 중에 도쿄에 안 좋은 추억이 많아서 싫어하는데 역시 패션 때문에 도쿄는 외면할 수가 없다...
Ishita Vlogs : super
박지훈 : 이걸 보고 느꼇다 우리가 00년대 초반부터 일본의 패션을 항상 비난과 조롱의 목소리로 까내렸지만 우리는 항상 몇년 뒤 우리가 그렇게 욕하던 일본의 패션을 그대로 입는다는 걸
26 : Hi, anyone knows what's called the green shirt/bomber at 0:37 ??
Lady Hinata : Cool✌
Cho young : 와... 진짜 다들 옷 잘입으시네.. 패션은 도쿄가 짱이다
색보 : 멋있네여

Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020 - Street Style (part one)

street style at Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020 - outside Emporio Armani, Etro and Iceberg shows.

with appearances from Stella Maxwell, Chung Ha, Leonie Hanne, Aida Domenech and Caroline Daur.

filmed and edited:
James Bondage : Hey love this video! I was wondering if its alright if I can animate some clips from this for a rotoscoping project i’m working on. I’ll make sure to credit you if you’re alright with it!
izromi tea : Aku sabrina, CHaLta is lena foor girl. Itu Yg NGALEM nyebut DIRINA anak COMPOSER YANNI, RICA RACHIM PLACE , no where I got my self enemy at him. (ANJEUN NGALEM KAREP) .
William S : I did not expect to see so many Etro, so amazing!!!
Catherine Gardner : Loved this. Thank you for a nice sound background.
Ирина Хохлова : STUNNING
komodo drag : I compared Fparis and Milan .Paris won this round
Angela Bender : Milano cannot be beat ever
Ashi : Love love love this video. And the music...omg, it is out of this world. Pls share the details of the music.
София Вечёркина : Hi! I’m a Russian student and in a month I’ll have a bachelor’s degree in journalism. My graduation work is a video about fashion world and the glossy magazine. For this project I was looking for a YouTube videos about the fashion shows and i've found yours. So could you give me permission for using it for my work please ?(:
Olivia Di Biase : I did not expect to see Chungha here but that was a nice surprise




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